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Buy Construction Steel Materials Online

Are you looking for construction and fabrication steel materials for your home or other construction needs in India? The large number of steel manufacturers, suppliers, dealers and retailers can definitely make market survey a tough job. Moreover, steel brand, quality and price tend to differ from one outlet to another, increasing the challenge of buying a good quality, reasonably priced product. Whether you are a B2B or B2C customer, XFACTORY.IN is the largest online marketplace in India where you can avail best price deals and discounts on every purchase.

Steel is a very essential building material in the field of construction, for both commercial and domestic purposes. There are different types and grades of construction steel, which are used in various applications. For instance, TMT bars are typically used in the construction of bridges, flyovers, high-rise buildings, power plants, and so on; mild steel products are used in making frames, factory sheds, cable trays, display stands, beams, columns, oil and gas pipelines, conveyors, trolleys, and so on; and binding wires are used to tie steel rebars together. The advantages of using steel are its excellent strength to weight ratio, high tensile strength and low cost. Also, it is recyclable; very strong; sustainable; versatile and highly durable and modifiable.

Different Types of Construction Steel Materials Available on XFACTORY.IN

The construction and fabrication steel products are categorised into TMT (Thermo-Mechanical Treated) bars, mild steel products, and consumables. TMT bars are categorised into different grades, such as Fe500, Fe500D, Fe550, Fe550D, Fe600, Fe640, CRS500D (CRS-Corrosion Resistant Steel), CRS550D, and CRS600; mild steel products include angles, channels, flat sections, rectangular pipes, round bars, round pipes, square bars, and square pipes and consumables consist of steel binding wires.

Grades of TMT Bars Available on XFACTORY.IN

Fe500 TMT bars have superior tensile strength, which also result in about 17% less consumption of steel in construction.  Some of the Fe500 brands are Sujana, DIIL, JSW Neosteel , Simhadri TMT, Mahalaxmi TMT, Bharathi TMT, Kamdhenu,  Vizag Steel, Sail and more.

Fe500D TMT bars are manufactured using special kind of billets and under critically controlled thermal treatment. They are earthquake resistant. Some of the Fe500D brands are JSW Neosteel, Tata Tiscon, BMM Steel, Kamachi and Jindal Panther TMT and more.

Fe550 TMT bars have reduced the propensity of consumption of steel, during construction. Some of the Fe550 brands are Jai raj, Sujana, Radha TMT, Vizag Steel, Shree TMT, Kamadhenu, Bharathi and more.

Fe550D TMT bars have higher tensile strength and ductility than Fe550 grade TMT bars. XFACTORY.IN houses Fe550D brands like Jindal Panther TMT, A-One Gold, Prime Gold, UMA TMX and more.

Fe600 TMT bars are technically excellent and have superior load bearing capabilities. Some brands of the Fe600 brands are JSW Neosteel, Sail, Jindal Panther TMT, Kamachi and more.

Fe640 TMT bars have great features like bendability, weldability and high fatigue resistance. They are used to build bridges and other concrete structures. Buy Sail Fe640 TMT bars at best price today online on XFACTORY.IN in just few clicks.

CRS500D TMT bars have great features like bendability, weldability and high fatigue resistance. They are also corrosion-resistant and earthquake-resistant. XFACTORY.IN houses JSW Neosteel and Jindal Panther TMT Rebars CRS500D TMT bars.

CRS550D TMT bars have good bendability and weldability. They also have higher fatigue resistance for cyclic load conditions. They are earthquake-resistant. Buy JSW Neosteel CRS550D grade TMT bars at best price today online at XFACTORY.IN in just few clicks.

CRS600 TMT bars have superior quality strength and long durability. They are used in the construction of bridges and dams in highly humid and moist areas, as well as back water areas. Buy JSW Neosteel CRS600 grade TMT bars at best price today online at XFACTORY.IN in just few clicks.

Types of Mild Steel Products:

Angles: Mild steel angles are L-shaped mild steel structures, which are represented by the sides and thickness as their dimensions. Again, mild steel angles are categorised into equal angles and unequal angles. Some of the mild steel angle brands are Vizag Steel, Mahavir Steel, Sujana Steel, Jindal Steel and more.

Channels: Mild steel channels are long structural beams made of steel, mainly used in construction and civil engineering projects. A wide web constitutes their cross-section, oriented with two flanges at the top and bottom of the web, only sticking out on one side of the web. Some of the mild steel channels brands are Vizag Steel, Sujana Steel, Jindal Steel and more. 

Flat sections: Mild steel sections are used in various fabrication applications in the field of construction. Some of the flat section brands are Kamdhenu Steel and Mahavir Steel.

Rectangular pipes: Mild rectangular pipes are used in general structural and engineering applications. They are manufactured by Electric Resistance Welded (ERW) process. Some of the brands we offer are Hari Om Pipes, Tata Structura and MPL and more.

Round bars: Mild steel round bars are mainly used to separate mesh in concrete slabs and also in a wide variety of applications, such as reinforced concrete piers, bored piles, footings, walls, beams, columns, slabs, and precast products. Some of the brands we offer are Sujana Steel, Vizag Steel, Mahavir Steel Jindal Steel and more.

Round pipes: Mild steel round pipes are generally used to build sewages and water pipes. They have high deformability, which is why they can be customized very easily. Some of the brands are Hari Om Pipes and Tata Structura and more.

Square bars: Mild steel square bars are mainly used to manufacture and repair gates, railings and fencing. They are also used in bullock carts axles, truck trailers and tippers, anchor bolts and such. Buy Mahavir Steel square bars at best price today online at XFACTORY.IN in just few clicks.

Square pipes: These are generally used as support in automotive industry, transmission tower plants, machinery and construction industry. They have supreme tensile strength and are very easy to transport. Some of the brands are Hari Om Pipes, Tata Structura, MPL and more.


Binding wires: They are annealed (heated, then cooled) iron wires, which are used to tie steel reinforcing bars (rebars) together. The rebars are tied up at the joints so as to keep the structure intact. Binding wires are soft and flexible. Some of the brands we offer are Tata Tiscon, Kamdhenu Steel GK TMT, and H.D. Wires and more.

Advantages of Buying Steel Online

“Customer is King” – this is the philosophy that forms the backbone of all business processes and customer service at XFACTORY.IN. We work conscientiously to ensure that no stone is left unturned when it comes to addressing our customer’s unique needs. From offering the best Clinker Cement price and deals to a hassle-free delivery, we cover all aspects of a demand-supply cycle.

We take steps to ensure a streamlined shopping experience for all our customers. This involves a rigorous Supplier Selection Process so that our customers have only the best brands to choose from.

At XFACTORY.IN, we convert your procurement challenges into a hassle-free experience. We are the largest marketplace for buying building materials online. Not only do we carry the best-in-class construction steel products, we also deliver your purchases to your project site, saving you logistical time and effort.

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So, whether you are a business holder or an individual customer, you need no longer browse from one physical store to another looking for the best steel price. Use our platform today to browse, compare and buy TMT bars, mild steel products, and binding wires at best price online in India from all top brands at just the click of a button. Our services span B2B and B2C customers seamlessly.

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