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Buy Safety Equipment Online in India

Are you looking for Safety Equipment for your home or construction needs in India? A large number of Safety Equipment manufacturers, suppliers, dealers and retailers can definitely make a market survey a tough job. Moreover, Safety Equipment brand, quality, and price tend to differ from one outlet to another, increasing the challenge of buying a good quality, reasonably priced product.

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Different Safety Equipment Available at XFACTORY.IN

Safety Shoes: Safety shoes are the protective footwear worn by people working in construction and mining industries; power stations and fabrication plants. They are used as protection against falling objects and compression.

Safety Gloves: Safety gloves are the gloves used to protect the hands from cuts, blisters, skin punctures or heat and chemical burns; at the workplace. They are used in surgical, oil and petrochemical industries.

Safety Helmets: Safety helmets are used to protect the head from injury due to debris, impact with other objects, rain, and electric shock. They are generally used at construction and industrial sites.

Safety Eyewears: Safety eyewear is used to protect the eyes from injury at the workplace. They are ideal for painting, sanding, grinding, chemical and hazardous material industries.

Safety Harnesses: Safety harnesses are the protective equipment attached between persons and stationary objects to protect them from injury. They are used in facade window maintenance, rescue operations etc..

Work Wear: Work wear is made of standard comfort material, full sleeves and additional pockets. They are used in power generation, fabrication and infrastructure projects.

Fire Protection: Fire protection equipment includes the equipment used to put out fires and mitigate the unwanted effects caused by these fires. They are used to save lives and property.

Traffic Safety: Traffic safety products are the protective devices used to prevent road accidents by regulating traffic. They act as both highlights and barriers to the vehicles.

Hearing Protection: Hearing protection devices are used to protect the ears from injury. They are generally used in assembly lines, welding and etal fabrication industries.

Face Protection: Face protection devices are used to protect our faces. They are disposable and safe to use. The devices are generally used in foundries, glass etching and tobacco processing industries.

Fire Extinguishers: Fire extinguishers are portable devices used to put out small fires. They discharge jets of water, foam, gas or other fire retardant material for this purpose.

Sirens & Buzzers: Sirens & buzzers are used as signalling alerts when faults occur. They are used in an extensive range of applications with the application-specific signalling.

Emergency & Revolving Lights: Emergency & revolving lights are the lighting sources used as alerts for signalling emergencies. They are generally used in ambulances, fire trucks and police cruisers.

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