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Buy Wall Paints Online in Hyderabad, India

Don’t turn pale when you are faced with your next paint project. Convert your walls into a canvas and get creative! The market is filled with varieties of paints, which can make even the dreariest of paint jobs lively and entertaining. Whether you wish to redo the interiors of a single room or freshly paint an entire structure, you have a world of distempers, emulsions, and primers to choose from. But of course, just the best wall paints are not enough to get a good DIY project going. You also need the best quality paint brushes, paint rollers, paint thinners, putty, and dozens of other paint accessories to make your job easy. You can find these and more under one roof only at XFACTORY.IN.

Get Latest Wall Paints Price List for all Top Paint Brands

XFACTORY.IN has high-quality paint products from all the top brands you trust. We are the largest marketplace for buying building materials online. Only with us can you buy from the largest collection of wall paints at the best price. As part of our wall paints category, we carry exterior paints, interior paints, distemper paints, emulsion paints, interior primers, and exterior primers. In painting accessories, we offer paint brushes and painting tools, thinners and removers, wall putty, spraying machines, Plaster of Paris, lacquer, gloves, and more to fulfill all your painting requirements.

XFACTORY.IN carries nationally acclaimed brands such as Nerolac, Berger, Asian Paints, Shalimar Paints, British Paints, Coral Paints and more. Our products fit every type of budget and every type of wall. You can browse, compare and buy from what suits you best. Just select the category of paints or paint accessories to explore our exhaustive collection of products. Then click the ‘Request for Price’ button to receive a customized quote for that item. If you are satisfied with the price, go ahead and make your purchase. It’s that simple! The products will be delivered at your doorstep, saving you logistical time and effort.

Different Wall Paints and Paint Accessories Available at XFACTORY.IN

A paint job can seem daunting, especially with the number of options available in the market. There are emulsions, distempers, thinning agents, primers, crack fillers and universal stainers. What are the differences between them all? Given below are explanations of all these terms.

Wall putty acts as a filler or sealant to fill holes and cracks that occur on wood surfaces. It can also be used to level wall surfaces and as a protective base for paints. Putty is water-resistant so it protects the overlying paint from peeling off during rainy seasons.

Stainers are essentially binder-free pastes that are used to tint or shade paints ranging from distempers, plastic emulsions, enamels, and oil paints. They are extensively used to air dry interior and exterior paints with glossy and matt finish.

Emulsions are water-based solutions normally used for internal wall surfaces and woodwork. When used on walls, emulsions require a primer and putty coating to be done first. Emulsions remain unaffected by sunlight and do not peel off or fade if the exposed surface is wet or damp.

Primers are preparatory coatings applied on the surface before painting them. Applying a primer helps the paint to adhere to any surface better. It also helps save one or two extra coats of paint which would otherwise be needed.

Distemper or Cement Paint can be applied directly to walls without priming or coating. They are therefore a cheaper option when compared to emulsions. However, they do not last for more than 5 to 6 years. Distempers can be used for both interior and exterior surfaces.

Paint Thinners have multiple functions. They can be used to clean painting equipment and tools after work is done. They are used to reduce paint viscosity to be used as a spray. The third use of paint thinners is to prevent paint left open in cans from turning hard. Paint Removers or Strippers, however, have a single utility – to remove paint from surfaces and keep them clean.

Varnish is used on wood and other materials to give it a protective finish and lend shine to the surface.

Advantages of Buying Wall Paints Online

“Customer is King” – this is the philosophy that forms the backbone of all business processes and customer service at XFACTORY.IN. We work conscientiously to ensure that no stone is left unturned when it comes to addressing our customer’s unique needs. From offering the best Clinker Cement price and deals to a hassle-free delivery, we cover all aspects of a demand-supply cycle.

We take steps to ensure a streamlined shopping experience for all our customers. This involves a rigorous Supplier Selection Process so that our customers have only the best brands to choose from.

At XFACTORY.IN, we convert your procurement challenges into a hassle-free experience. Not only do we carry the best-in-class products, but we also deliver your purchases to your project site, saving you logistical time and effort.

So, with all the top paint brands in the market available under one roof, why go anywhere else? Send us a Request for Price Quote today for paints and painting accessories of your choice. Get ready to revamp your interior and exterior wall decor at best prices through XFACTORY.IN. Choose XFACTORY.IN to buy wall paint online in India at the best prices today. We are the one-stop solution for all your construction material requirements!

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