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Buy Hardware Products Online in India

Are you looking for Hardware Products for your home or construction needs in India? A large number of Hardware product manufacturers, suppliers, dealers and retailers can definitely make a market survey a tough job. Moreover, Hardware Products brand, quality, and price tend to differ from one outlet to another, increasing the challenge of buying a good quality, reasonably priced product.

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Different Hardware Products Available at XFACTORY.IN

Locks: Locks are the mechanism used for keeping doors, windows or containers fastened. Typically, they can be operated (opened/closed) using keys.

Braces & Brackets: Braces & Brackets are the structures that provide support to doors, window curtains, shelves etc.. They are generally made of stainless steel/aluminium/PVC.

Drawer & Cabinet Hardware: Drawer & Cabinet Hardware includes the hardware associated with drawers and cabinets such as drawer handles, cabinet knobs etc..

Doors & Windows Hardware: Doors & Windows Hardware includes the hardware associated with doors and windows such as door knobs, window rollers etc..

Glass Hardware: Glass Hardware is the hardware used for the installation and erection of toughened glass at various levels. These hardware products are coated with stainless steel.

Office Supplies: Office supplies include the hardware associated with computer workstations.

Anchors: Anchors are the fixtures used to connect structural and non-structural elements to concrete. They transfer various loads such as shear forces and tension forces.

Washers: Washers are thin plates with holes that are used to distribute the load of threaded fasteners like nuts or bolts.

Sockets & Screws: Sockets & Screws are the fasteners with cylindrical heads and hexagonal drive holes. They are fastened using hexagon shaped wrenches.

Nuts & Bolts: Nuts & Bolts are both different types of fasteners. Nuts are fasteners with threaded holes. Bolts are the screws with hexagonal heads.

Threaded Rod: Threaded rod is a long rod which is threaded at both ends. The thread can sometimes run the entire length of the rod. The rod is longer and thicker than a screw.

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