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Buy Electrical Products Online in India

Are you looking for Electrical Products for your home or construction needs in India? A large number of electricals manufacturers, suppliers, dealers, and retailers can definitely make a market survey a tough job. Moreover, Electrical Products brand, quality, and price tend to differ from one outlet to another, increasing the challenge of buying a good quality, reasonably priced product.

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At XFACTORY.IN, we convert your procurement challenges into a hassle-free experience. We are the biggest marketplace for buying building materials onlineYou can browse, compare and buy electrical products online in India at the best prices. Not only do we carry the best-in-class products we also deliver your purchase to your project site, saving you logistical time and effort.

XFACTORY.IN houses nationally acclaimed Electrical Products brands like Havells, Bajaj, Crompton, HPL etc. Our products fit every budget and every structure. You can browse, compare and buy from what brand and products suit you the best. Just select the category of Electrical Products to explore our exhaustive collection of products. Then click the ‘Request for Price’ button to receive a customized quote for that item. If you are satisfied with the price, go ahead and make your purchase. It’s that simple! The products will be delivered to your doorstep.

Different Electrical Products Available at XFACTORY.IN

Distribution Boards & Circuit Breakers: Distribution board is a panel that carries fuses, terminals, and other components of a number of circuits in an electrical supply system. The circuit breaker is an automatic device used to protect an electric circuit from damage caused by overload or short circuit.

Enclosures: An electrical Enclosure is a cabinet for electrical/electronic Products for mounting switches, knobs, and displays. It is also used for preventing electric shocks to equipment users.

Fans: Fans are electric devices with rotating blades that create air current for cooling or ventilation.

Fuses: Fuses are electrical safety devices in the form of wire strips that melt when current exceeds the safe level; thus protecting the electrical circuit.

Home Consumables: Home consumables are the electrical Products used in households; such as water geysers, lamps, torches, room heaters, doorbells, stabilizers, extension boards etc.

LED Lights & Control Systems: LED (light emitting diode) lights are semiconductor light sources which emit light when current flows through them.

Power Supplies: Power supplies are the devices that supply electric power to electrical loads. They also convert one type of electrical power to another.

Wire & Cable: Wire is a single conductor of electricity. Cable is a combination of two more insulated wires sheathed in a jacket. Wire and cable are used to carry electric current.

Switches & Sockets: A switch is a device for making and breaking the connection in an electrical circuit. A socket is a device into which a plug or lightbulb can be inserted to make a connection.

Solar Power: Solar power is a collection of devices that use solar energy (from the sun) for operation.

Starters & Contactors: Starter is the device regulating the flow of electric power to Products, generally a motor. A contactor is an electrically controlled switch that uses an electromagnetic coil to pull in the contacts.

Accessories: Accessories are the additional but essential fixtures used for the smooth operation of electrical devices.

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